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Welcome to Club HabitWall

Be curious, a little crazy and consistent.

Club HabitWall is a social network for people who want to rediscover what it is like to live curiously. 

We provide substantive content with the intent to inspire people to always be learning and to apply what they learn to their daily life.

Video Series Content:

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Learn researched-base health backs from videos where we literally read aloud some of the highlights from Dr. Greger's books How Not to Die and How Not to Diet.

Learn the Principles of Music Theory to teach yourself the guitar or piano/keyboard

Learn the Building Blocks of playing the Guitar 

Community Content:

Content is contributed by the members. Topics range from fitness, to book reviews, developing new skills, music related topics, etc. Think of it like a more quality version of reddit (sort of). People are not hidden behind the pretense of anonymity. So you can reach out to people directly without not knowing who somebody is. 

About HabitWall:

Our hallmark product is HabitWall. It is a way to put your progress on full display via customizing a giant 30-day habit tracker that sticks to your wall which you customize on our website Once you get it, all you gotta do is check the boxes. Easy enough, yeah?

But you don't need a HabitWall to join our network. That isn't the point.

The point of this social network is to make it really hard to not follow through with any kind of aspiration you have. Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you want to become a world class composer. Maybe you want to make documentaries. Join our community of driven people who want to explore what life has to offer and make it happen.

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